Our Coaches

Brian Credeur

Assistant Coach - Red Half Pace Group

After “taking off” about 18 years from exercise and fitness I’ve been striving to develop a better me and to set a good example of a healthy lifestyle for my kids.  I had generally considered myself a fit and healthy person, but when starting to exercise and train again, I discovered it to be a bigger challenge than expected.  On that journey, a friend introduced me to triathlons and a cousin got me hooked on long-distance relays (Ragnar Trail Race!).  Initially, I wasn’t much of a swimmer or long-distance runner, but after individual research and training, things began to come together.  A few years ago, a friend who was a member of USA FIT Cypress suggested I sign-up.  Having only trained on my own, I was a little nervous about running with others.  I’m so glad that I decided to give it a try, because I have enjoyed sharing the hard work and its rewards, fun times, and experiences with my fellow CyFit-izens.


As a kid, I was always active.  I played various team sports including high school track and field and recreational tennis and volleyball in college.  After returning to fitness, I’ve been able to build upon the habits and methodologies instilled in those formative years by seeking and incorporating new information in sport science.  I am happy to say that I’m making progress toward my goals and love to be part of helping others attain their goals.  I appreciate sharing with and learning from others, and always look forward to the next USA FIT Cypress activity.