Registration is open for our Winter Training seasons. We kick of June 3rd and want to see you there.

Early bird registration discounts will be offered through our event at Nature Fest in Bridgeland. Contact us for more details. E-mail us here


Spring Season is off to a great start!  We’ve run/walked in the cold and warm, humid winter weather Cypress is known for.  We’ve cheered our fellow runners on as they participated in the Katy Half Marathon Race, Rocky Racoon Trail Run, and Project Love Race.  There is so much more planned for this season!  Come join us.  It’s going to be great!

Registration is still open

Registration is still open!

USA FIT is more than a training schedule; it’s a way of life that helps members thrive both on and off the track.

The goal race for the Spring Season is the Texas 10 series – Sienna Plantation on April 29th.  Registration, orientation and the first day of training was on January 28th and February 4th.  However, registration is still open!

Also, if you are training for a different race we would love to have you come run with us. We can accommodate runners with any goals.

If you don’t want to run a spring race and don’t want to lose your conditioning over the offseason, we would love to have you. This is a way to keep yourself accountable between goal races.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Training is in full swing. . .

The Spring Season is in full swing!  We have completed our orientation and have started to increase our miles for the Saturday group runs.  I am so impressed by how dedicated everyone is and so enjoy seeing everyone’s’ smiles after each Saturday group run!

Come join us…USAFit Cypress members are the best!

Best Walking Program in the Area!

Come out and give our Half Marathon Walking Program a try. With an amazing Coach and the best members, this walking group will help get you fit and fabulous – and will help you cover 13.1 miles by the end of our training season!

Bridgeland Run/Walk for the Heroes 5k and 1k

USA Fit Cypress is a Sponsor for the Bridgeland Run/Walk for Heroes. We want to blow them away with our support. Please consider running/walking this 5k (your family and friends can be a part of our team also.) If you want to volunteer for this event, please let us know –

When you register, make sure you indicate that you are running with our Team – USA Fit Cypress.


Registration now open!!!!

Register today and change your life!


Don’t miss our 2016-2017 Training Season. We train for all the races you want to run.  Look for registration to open on April 30th with special discounted pricing through May 1st.

Don’t miss out on the fun!

Welcome to our newest sponsor – Cryo Recovery Spa

Cryo Recovery offers innovative recovery treatments such as, Compression Recovery with NormaTec, Muscle Conditioning with Mar Pro, and Massage Therapy and Whole Body Cryotherapy.
We provide custom recovery packages for your marathon and training goals.  If you are looking to improve your times look to Cryo Recovery to help you come up with a recovery plan that will help you train with higher intensity and less aches and pains.
Services Include
  • Whole Body Cryotherapy
  • Sports Massage Services
  • Active Release Therapy
  • NormaTec Compression
  • Marc Pro Muscle conditioning
  • Full Service Alkaline Water Filling Station
  • Recovery Supplements
We are located in the Vintage Park Shopping center at 249 and Louetta.

Cryo Recovery
118 Vintage Park Blvd, Ste D
Houston, Tx 77070


Registration for Fall races opens in April!

Check back in April for registration for our Fall training program. Train for any of a number of races with us – including the Cypress Half, Bryan College Station, San Antonio Rock and Roll, Marine Corp, Chicago or New York. (Or any other race you might be running!)


Don’t forget to come ready to run. We will kick-off our Spring Training Season this Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. – wear your running or walking clothes, bring water and be ready to change your life!


Spring Registration Will Open Before Christmas! Stay Tuned!

CyFit Represents at Recent Races

Congrats to all of our runners for their amazing finishes at the Cypress Half Marathon and the BCS Marathon and Half. These target races were so much fun with our group!

Registration is closed, but if you are an experienced runner, you may still be eligible to get started with us now.

Registration for the 2015-2016 season is closed. If you are a runner and consistently train, please send an e-mail to to find out whether you can still join the group.

If you are a new runner, we will kick off our next training season in early 2016. Stay tuned.

Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Half Marathon training groups kick-off on July 11th!

Is this the year you check the Chevron Houston Marathon or the Aramco Half Marathon off your to do list? USA Fit Cypress is a Half and Full Marathon training program that can provide you the training and the motivation required to succeed.
Are you a fitness walker? Not ready to run yet? Bad knees, bad joints, simply no desire to run unless chased? We have a walking group that will blow you away. This group trains with us up to the half marathon distance – from 1 mile the first week to 13.1 miles 26 weeks later! The members of our walking group are fabulous, fun and focused.

We provide a weekly schedule with opportunities for group runs, Saturday morning, Tuesday evening and Thursday evening. These group meetings are great for lots of reasons. First, they’re a good chance to share the challenges and joys of training with others who are going through the same thing. Second, the weekly group meetings are important because members receive educational seminars on running-specific topics that round out their training with essential practical and strategic information.

We bring together our members in a positive environment with other like-minded athletes, give them a carefully refined training structure to guide them, coach them skillfully, and watch the achievement happen.

Registration is now open. Commit – Train – Succeed!!


It’s not too late to get registered!

Our first training session is underway. We are training for late October, through December races. Our mileage is low over the first few weeks, so there is still plenty of time to get signed up to train with us!

July 11th is also our second start for the January Race training group. If you plan to run Houston, Disney, USA Fit, Louisiana, New Orleans Rock and Roll, Galveston or any other January/February race, this is your official training start.

Registration remains open through August 9th.

Welcome to our newest sponsor Dermatology Center of Northwest Houston

Welcome and thanks for the support. We live in Texas y’all. It’s hot and sunny – most of the year. We run outside at every given opportunity – we need to treat our skin accordingly.

Registration is open! Training starts June 20th!

Like us on Facebook –


Join us at Nature Fest for in person registration or register on line. There will be special pricing for new and returning members May 2-3 only!

National Walking Day

Today is National Walking Day. Get up and get out. Get it done! Then go to our Facebook Page ( and tell us how it went using #USAFITCYPRESS #NATIONALWALKINGDAY

Cypress Half Marathon Announced – and you can be sure we are training for it!

Just announced – a new Half Marathon in Cypress – the Cypress Half . Sunday, November 15, 2015. Train

Is this your first Half Marathon? Is this your 10th? Your 20th? It doesn’t matter – USA Fit – Cypress is the right place for you!

Through safe and steady coaching, new runners progress from little or no running base to race condition.

Experienced runners, let us help you maintain your conditioning, improve your pace and reach your other running goals.

We bring together our members in a positive environment with other like-minded athletes, give them a carefully refined training structure to guide them, coach them skillfully, and watch the achievement happen. Participants show up each week to run or walk, to support each other in a common goal, and to hold each other accountable. In these ways, USA FIT is more than a training schedule; it’s a way of life that helps members thrive both on and off the track.


Did your girlfriends talk you into the free tutu at the Diva Half Marathon in Galveston on April 19th? Do you need a group to help you train for this race? Register now for a great training experience and race day fun!

USA Fit Cypress members prepare for big races

With our first training season more than half way finished, we are continuing to push through humidity, but are enjoying cooler temps in our training. It won’t be long before our runners complete their distance goal at the Brazos Bend 100 and the BCS Marathon and Half in mid-December.

Our second training group is continuing to climb in miles as they train towards the Chevron Houston Marathon and Half and the USA Fit Marathon and Half.

This year’s athletes are an amazing group!

Not too late to get signed up!

It’s not too late to get registered for our many training programs. The Half, Full, Ultra and 10k programs are forming now.