Registration for 2018 Spring is Open!!!!

Registration is open for our Spring 2018 Training season!  Orientation is on Saturday, February 3rd.  We will target the Texas 10 Sienna race. Register today and change your life!!

Contact us for more details. E-mail us here

USA Fit Cypress members participating in Houston Chevron Marathon and Houston Aramco Half This Weekend

After many, many weeks, hot humid, to mild, and then freezing cold weather, many of USA Fit Cypress members will be participating in this weekend’s Houston Chevron Marathon or Houston Aramco Half Marathon. The hard work and dedication shown by everyone over the winter training season has been amazing! Now comes the reward for all for all of their hard work. Wishing everyone participating this weekend’s race GOOD LUCK!

Winter Season Going Strong!

Winter 1 and Winter 2 Seasons are under way! Congrats to all of our USAFit Cypress Members! You have ALL successfully begun your exciting journey toward your target race(s). For some it’s your first; for others, it’s your twentieth. Either way, it’s great to be going through this together.

Two CyFit Coaches complete RRCA Certification

Congratulations to Coaches Dana and Jaye on their RRCA Certification!

Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Half Marathon training groups kick-off on July 8th!

Is this the year you check the Chevron Houston Marathon or the Aramco Half Marathon off your to-do list? USA Fit Cypress is a Half and Full Marathon training program that can provide you the training and the motivation required to succeed.
Are you a fitness walker? Not ready to run yet? Bad knees, bad joints, simply no desire to run unless chased? We have a walking group that will blow you away. This group trains with us up to the half marathon distance – from 1 mile the first week to 13.1 miles 26 weeks later! The members of our walking group are fabulous, fun and focused.

We provide a weekly schedule with opportunities for group runs, Saturday morning, Tuesday evening and Thursday evening. These group meetings are great for lots of reasons. First, they’re a good chance to share the challenges and joys of training with others who are going through the same thing. Second, the weekly group meetings are important because members receive educational seminars on running-specific topics that round out their training with essential practical and strategic information.

We bring together our members in a positive environment with other like-minded athletes, give them a carefully refined training structure to guide them, coach them skillfully, and watch the achievement happen.

Registration is now open. Commit – Train – Succeed!!



Can’t believe it – but yep, it’s that time again. Our Winter Training season kicks off on Saturday, June 3rd. 6:45 am start time. We meet at 19019 N. Bridgeland Lake Parkway Cypress TX 77433. Hope to see you there!

Hope You Can Join Us

Welcome to USA FIT Cypress. We’d love to have you join us. There’s no better way to meet people with similar goals and get the motivation you need to succeed at any distance. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates on our program, and don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook.

Best Walking Program in the Area!

Come out and give our Half Marathon Walking Program a try. With amazing Coaches and the best members, this walking group will help get you fit and fabulous – and will help you cover 13.1 miles by the end of our training season!

CyFit Represents at Recent Races

Congrats to all of our runners for their amazing finishes at the Cypress Half Marathon and the BCS Marathon and Half. These target races were so much fun with our group!


Your race is getting closer and you’re training hard to perform at your best. As you prepare for race day, train with Gatorade Endurance Formula – the sports drink that will hydrate you on course.

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Good luck with your training and we will see you on race day.