Our Coaches

Jaye Cremer, RRCA Certified Running Coach

Organizer - Assistant Coach - Orange Full Marathon

When I joined USA FIT Cypress in 2009, I had not run in 15 years. I started running in middle school where I was the distance runner – all two miles of it! I was a middle-of-the-pack runner, never really winning my events, but I stuck with it because I loved running and I loved the sense of community. After high school, I stopped running and started cycling with some of the members of the Texas State mountain bike team. I rode a few collegiate races, but I was really slow. Post college, I ran, mountain biked and rode my road bike but never consistently.

In 2009, I found this group – and seriously – it changed my life. I found my tribe. Through CyFit I have accomplished so much more than I ever dreamed of. My first run with the group, I was terrified I couldn’t keep up. I was afraid they would discover I was just a mom who hadn’t taken care of herself. I found though, that I was the same as everyone else in the group. Maybe we were pursuing different pace goals, or maybe running different distance goals – but we were all out there making forward progress. No one judged me; no one made me feel like I didn’t belong. CyFit embraced me as I embraced it!

At this time, (May of 2017) I have run 4 ultra-marathons, 15 full marathons, 35 half marathons, 1 half iron man triathlon, 15 sprint or Olympic distance triathlons, many adventure races, 5k and 10 k races.
Having been a member, a coach and organizer, the single most important lesson that I have learned is that success isn’t measured by one finish line, it is measured by the constant pursuit the next finish line.
Find joy in the journey!