Our Coaches

Jeff Streets

Assistant Coach - Marathon Red Group Pace Coach

During my youth in a small Kansas town, I was always active and athletic. In high school, I excelled at football, basketball and track. The 440 yard dash was my specialty. Yes, high school races were measured in yards back in the 80’s.

So, you could say that I have always been a runner. Still, distance running does not come easy for me to this day. I have had to learn how to run long training distances and endurance races. I started learning to run long distances in 2005 after noticing that I wasn’t as fit as I wanted to be and learning that my cholesterol was borderline. Heart issues run in my family, so I felt I needed to make a plan that would keep me healthy for many years.

I improved my diet and began walking. After a few months of walking, I began running on a regular basis. Gradual increases in distance led me to my first half marathon, which then led me to run my first marathon two years later. Now that I’ve completed the Houston Marathon 13 times, I get to train with you and share what I’ve learned.

I’ve trained with USA FIT Cypress for about 9 years now and I rarely miss a Saturday morning long run on the paths of The Bridgelands. These long runs are both social and a good way to measure your progress. The hill workouts at the Hockley Soapbox Derby Hill and the track workouts at a local high school track can make you a stronger runner. The seminars held immediately following the Saturday long runs will educate you on many of the topics critical to a successful running season, such as stretching, hydration, nutrition, running shoes, injury prevention, and more. Furthermore, there are many experienced runners in the group that are always ready to share their own experiences.

Please don’t be intimidated about joining USA FIT Cypress. We are your neighbors and friends, and we are not semi-professional runners. Everyone in the group remembers what it is like to attempt a distance that you’ve never run before. We also celebrate with you as your endurance gets stronger and stronger, enabling you to set new personal records. I look forward to running with you!