Our Coaches

Mike Pallatto

Assistant Coach - Orange Half Marathon Pace Coach

Joining USA FIT Cypress training group has been rewarding in many aspects personally, such as becoming healthier and more physically fit, and really being part of a family of runners that extends beyond the scheduled running days.  We are like a family that sincerely cares for each other.  I never ran a half marathon in my life, or signed up for a race until 2018.  Initially starting off at age 50 and being seriously overweight, the mental challenges of running a half marathon seemed liked a crazy idea.  After all, I had nothing to prove to myself anymore as I had already accomplished so many things in my lifetime.  But this wasn’t about accomplishing something to say I accomplished it, but rather a new lifestyle to enjoy life to the fullest in my latter years of life.  A new purpose, and a renewal of saying that age is just a number and not a limiting factor.

Along the way since starting three years ago, I’ve had so many coaches and members be an amazing support system.  We as a group are not super competitive, but we do strongly encourage each other along the way to help you meet your personal goals in a positive and constructive manner.  It’s not about who finishes first with the group, it’s about ALL of us finishing the run and/or walk.  If you do aspire to finish first, that competitive spirit will be fully supported as we all have personal goals too.  It’s always fantastic to have a runner who is pushing themselves to become faster, as that also inspires others to try harder.

The heart and passion of our running/walking group begins with the two organizers, Wendy and Donya.  Their commitment to us is overwhelming, so I felt compelled to be part of the team at the coach level to be more involved.  My first season coaching the Orange running group began in spring of 2021, and I look forward to helping you achieve whatever it is that drove you to join our family.  I’m here to support you in any way possible, and to let you know that you will not be alone.  Together, we can figure this out.  We all have our struggles in life, I still battle my weight issues and my eating lifestyle.  So, don’t be afraid, let’s help each other overcome our obstacles and persevere to a greater future and happier life!