Our Coaches

Mimi Nguyen

Assistant Coach - Yellow Pace Group

I used to hate running!  I would marvel at my coworker when she told me that she runs 3 miles around Memorial Park 3 days during the week and 6-9 miles on Saturdays.  I never imagined that I could run 3 miles let alone a marathon. Little by little I started to run with some of my coworkers. The most I ran was a few 10K races.

After the birth of my second child in 2012, I could barely complete a two mile loop. So it was fate that I saw a post from my friend who was running with CyFit. I decided to sign up and train for a half marathon two years ago. I have since ran 5 halves and 3 fulls. This group of amazing runners has changed my life and attitude when it comes to running.  They understand the joy and struggle of running. They have supported me and taught me to believe in myself and be fierce!  I believe that the hardest part of running is having the courage to start so I am super excited to continue with CyFit for my third season.  I look forward to meeting and making new friends, sharing my love of running with you, and supporting you on your running journey!