Our Coaches

Pam Mayfield

Assistant Coach - Orange Group

I never thought that I’d be a runner. I was always envious of those that could run and burn more calories in less time. After watching my husband run his first few half marathons, I started to wonder if a girl that never ran before could really learn to run and actually like it. After carrying around baby weight two years after having my second child, I decided to give it a try. I fell in love with it! Actually, it’s a love hate relationship due mainly to the fact that I am the type of person who can think up any excuse not to exercise! Once I get out there, I’m so happy that I did! The USA FIT training program helped me go from being a non-runner to running my first half marathon

If you’re not sure how to squeeze a training program into your schedule, I understand that problem all to well! On some weekends, I bring my youngest in the jogging stroller. I also plan my mid-week runs around my husband’s crazy work schedule and my kids school schedules. There’s usually someone who can be available to run with you during the week if you don’t want to run alone.

Additionally, I love the relationships that I’ve developed with the people in this running club, which keeps me coming back every weekend. I also need the accountability! So, if you’re like me and were never a runner but sort of interested, or you just want to come out and exercise with some really great people, take the plunge and join me!