Our Coaches

Ramona Lauterbach

Assistant Coach - Red Half Pace Group

My childhood was dedicated to gymnastics. In high school, however, I found the love for running. I used to be a fast runner, unbeatable fast😊.  Due to other priorities, however, I stopped running after college many years ago.

One of my goals, when I moved to this community, was to start running again. I do not like running alone; it had to be in a group. I found CyFit three years ago through the communities Facebook page. One of the organizers, Donya, touched base with me after she read my post requesting information about a running group and provided details. I decided to join without knowing what to expect.  I remember how tense and insecure I was felt my first day.  Well, the heartwarming welcome of the CyFit coaches and members made me return and continue my running journey, with what I call today my CyFit family. Thanks to the great coaching, I was able in the shortest time to sign up and run several half marathons. My Saturday’s motivation is the early wake up to join the group for a run, great communication and laughter!