Classic Training

Our Classic running program accommodates a variety of running paces and methodologies and includes ultra, full and half-marathon options.

All members train in the following ability-based pace groups:

  • Blue group: < Team Fit Group
  • Green group: 8-9:00 minute/mile pace
  • Yellow group: 9:00-10:30 minute/mile pace
  • Red group: 10:30 – 13:00 minute/mile pace
  • Orange Group: Interval Runners (5:1) and 13:00+ minute/mile pace
  • Purple group (runners and walkers): 14:00+ minute/mile pace

Training methodology

While most of our groups do train by continuously running the long distance mileage, some of our other groups train using the run/walk method. The duration of the run/walk intervals varies depending on participant goals, fitness levels, and pace. All running and walking is done at a conversational pace, which means that as members run or walk, they should be able to carry on a conversation. More intense running and walking will take place during hill training, speed workouts, races, marathons, and half-marathons.

Team Fit – The training is more rigorous than our original training schedule and will require more consistency and commitment from the runner. Half and full marathon runners of all pace groups are welcome to join! Because the workouts are longer and more intense it is best if runners have a 3 month base before starting. This will decrease injuries and improve overall fitness.

ULTRA FIT – If you dream of going beyond 26.2, Ultra FIT can help get you there! Ultra FIT is a training program designed to help runners accomplish the goal of completing a 50k or 50 mile distance.

TRI FIT – This 12 week program provides everything you need to know to accomplish your goal of completing a sprint distance triathlon.

For experienced athletes wanting a more vigorous training, USA FIT Cypress also offers an advanced training option.

Group meeting format

The general format of each USA FIT Cypress weekend meeting is as follows:

  • Members participate in an organized training run or walk each Saturday morning with a group of runners or walkers of similar training paces. Each pace group’s starting time varies depending on the mileage scheduled for that morning.
  • After the day’s training run (generally around 8 a.m.), members receive a seminar on a training-related topic to teach concepts fundamental to the rigors of successful endurance training.
  • After the day’s seminar, there is always plenty of time for discussion among group members and additional instruction by coaches.
  • During the week, members complete their schedule of training runs or walks on their own or with other members of their group through organized and supervised weekly hill training and speed workout sessions. These will be in approximatey week 4 of your training program.