Our Coaches

Sean McMillan

Head Coach - Yellow Full Marathon

I guess I have always been a runner. For years my running focused on accomplishing new distances and running goal times. When I discovered USA Fit I felt like that was what I needed to push me to reach new goals. However, what I found was a group of friends that I enjoyed running with. Suddenly I looked forward to the training as much as the racing. The group pushes each other but also provides the positive reinforcement to help anyone stay motivated. I can’t wait to share the experience of each long run with my friends.

I have run multiple half and full marathons as well as several ultra marathons. The camaraderie of running with a group helps me get through the toughest parts of the training program and gets me out of bed for those early morning long runs.  USA Fit provides the training program and the knowledge you need to accomplish your running goals if you put in the work. This group is the most positive and supportive group of people I have ever been around and I love being a part of it.