Our Coaches

Shannon Sucato

Assistant Coach - Red Half Marathon

I have always been relatively active and enjoyed playing all kinds of sports as a kid, especially volleyball.  Running was never my passion, but more of something I had to do as part of my sports training.  As I got older, I started running more and participated in several 5ks and 10ks in my 20s and early 30s.  In 2010, my sister (who had just given birth to twins the year before!) trained for a half marathon through USA FIT Houston.  I was so inspired by her journey that I decided I wanted to do it too!

I joined USA FIT Cypress in 2011 and have been back every year since.  I keep coming back because I love how running makes me feel.  To be clear, I don’t always love how the actual RUN feels, but that feeling of getting it done just can’t be beat!  I get a sense of accomplishment from following the training plan, increasing my mileage and completing the Saturday morning long runs.  It’s something I do just for myself when so much of my other time is dedicated to family and work.

But, the thing I love most about running and about USA FIT Cypress specifically is the people.  I have met so many amazing friends through this group.  I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday mornings and catching up with my running buddies on life events.  Everyone is encouraging and accepting and fun.  And boy do you get some great stories out of people when you’re running 12 miles together!

I encourage everyone to come out and try USA FIT Cypress.  You CAN do it!  There is a pace group for everyone, the environment is very welcoming, and you will feel fantastic when you reach that 13.1 or 26.2 goal.  Join us!