Our Coaches

Stella Pangilinan

Assistant Coach - Orange Half Marathon

Finally, I found the best running group in Houston!  I have been with two running clubs since 2012 but Cypress Fit is incomparable.  Here in CyFit we treat each other not just as running mates but as family/friend.

When we moved to Bridgeland in late 2018, the first thing I looked for was the running club which I heard is one of the best in Cypress.

Come Nature Fest of Spring of 2019, with no hesitation, I approached the stand that says, “USA Fit Cypress” but I can’t remember why I did not sign up right there.

Friday Night Bite followed that weekend where I met Coaches/Organizers Donya Brewer and Wendy Riley who were handing out flyers.  I asked for Coach Donya’s email and as soon as I got home, I emailed her expressing my interest in joining the group.  I was so excited to start my training in July of 2019 after two years of not running.  I have run six 5K’s, three 10K’s and 7 Half Marathon’s before joining Cypress Fit and I look forward to more runs and trainings.

CyFit gives me great motivation to develop my running skills, endurance and strength.  Feeling blessed and grateful, I share the same enthusiasm and encouragement to others inside and outside our running group.

If you want to change your life and develop as a good runner, Cypress Fit will help you achieve that goal!