Our Coaches

Wendy Riley

Organizer - RRCA Certified & Hill Work Coach

I have always been a fairly active person with a background in dance, aerobics, and weight training. Until I started with USAFit Cypress, running was not my exercise of choice. Luckily, a friend asked me if I wanted to join USA Fit Cypress. She shared with me about the comradery, educational seminars, race medals, and socials, so I decided to give it a try.

At first, I was afraid that I would hold everyone back because at the time I couldn’t even run 1 mile without stopping. I didn’t know what to expect, but went ahead and attended my first group run. There I found out that they had several groups I could choose from that would fit my ability and pace. I continued through the season following the USA Fit training program and implementing the information I learned from the seminars on running. At the end of this first season, I finished my first ½ half marathon! After this, I was hooked and running became my exercise of choice. Since then, I have participated in 15 half marathons, 2 triathlon races, and 2 ten miler races and am looking forward to doing more.

Joining USA Fit Cypress has been one of my best decisions – I’ve learned a lot, made new friends, and achieved more than I thought possible. It’s amazing what a confidence boost achieving your goals can be.

Now as a coach and co-organizer, I enjoy encouraging and helping others achieve their goals. USA Fit Cypress is truly a positive and supportive group. Come join us! It can change your life.